Setting Up Trail Cameras

When we saw how much wild forest we had on our property, Charlie knew he wanted to set up some trail cameras. That way we could see if any does, bucks, or other wildlife was actually coming through our property.

So Charlie and I went on a hike through the overgrown trails to find a couple of trees to place the trail cams.

Told you it was overgrown!

We put one camera near a hidden pond, back in the trees. The other we put on a connection path that we have between our two hayfields. The pond seemed like a good place because there was evidence of deer beds near the water. The path had prints in the mud so we knew the deer had passed through already at some point!

Deer tracks!

Setting up the cameras:

After waiting a few days, Charlie went and checked out the cameras and downloaded the SD cards to the computer. Guess what we found?!?

Deer on the property! That is such great news! Charlie was so happy! The big buck was a bit close to the camera:)

Charlie adjusted the cameras a little lower so if he comes back, hopefully we’ll get a good picture! Aren’t his antlers amazing?!?

We’ll be sure and show updated pics as they come along. Follow our social media accounts to see the latest adventures!

~ Rachel

*If you are interested in the trail cams that Charlie is using, you can find them here.

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