Chapter 9 | Gratitude 30

I’m always looking for new traditions to start, new ways to help my family enjoy the holidays.  Thanksgiving always seems to get lost between the fun of Halloween and the early start of Christmas.  I purposely wait to put up my Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving because I don’t want to overshadow such a meaningful holiday.

Making gratitude a part of our everyday lives

Gratitude has always been an important part of our family.  Every day when my kids get home from school, I ask them what was good and what was hard?  I want them to see the good things that happen every day and be grateful.  I also want them to see the hard things that happen every day and how they got through it

Thanksgiving time just gives me an extra chance to be grateful for things that I may not always remember to think about.  

Gratitude 30 Challenge

I saw a cute challenge on Instagram by Positively Present.  She gave prompts for every day of November and challenged us to find gratitude in each one.  You can find her actual post here where she talks about each day a little more specifically.

I have really taken it to heart.  As I write this, we are only on Day 17, but already, it has made this month so much more special to me.  I have had a chance to look through old pictures, ponder experiences I have had, and share my feelings with my kids.

Here is the list that I followed:

Join the challenge!

Feel free to jump in now or put it on your idea list for next year.  I know that I will be doing something like this again.  It has made my November wonderful!

Check out my Facebook or Instagram to see what I have been posting for each day!

I am so excited for Thanksgiving.  It will be our first Thanksgiving at home with just our family.  I am excited to smoke a turkey, make homemade rolls and mashed potatoes, play games with my kids, and enjoy a break from school and work.  

I am grateful for my husband Charlie, my kids, Lily Ethan and Sadie, my parents and siblings, my in-laws, my friends, my home, my yard, my health, my church, my Savior.  I am very very blessed!

What about you?  What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Have a wonderful holiday!

~ Rachel

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