Chapter 5 | Mowing, Canning, and Rain

Tomatoes, peppers and corn in back of truck

We moved to the country with the idea of living a simpler life.

Well, we moved to the country, but life is definitely not simple.

Life is busy! I know it won’t always be this way. We knew we moved into a project. But there is always something to do!

Here are some highlights from the past two weeks:

1. When it rains in Missouri, it RAINS! We have never seen so much rain pour down from the sky. Check it out here! On the plus side, we never have to worry about a sprinkler system (P.S. We don’t have one :))

2. With all of the rain, the grass has been growing like crazy. We have now mowed the lawn three times. And it still takes about three hours to do the whole thing. Luckily, I have learned how to do the big sit-down mower. It’s actually pretty fun to drive! Check out me driving here.

Man on sit-down lawn mower.

Charlie mowing the lawn for the first time.

3. Our kind neighbor has given us so many tomatoes and peppers! So I decided I had better learn how to can. I have been canning salsa, crushed tomatoes, and jalapeno jelly all week! Check out my post on how to easily remove tomato skins here!

Peeled tomatoes on cutting board.

Tomatoes with skins off. It’s actually super easy!

4. It was hard work, but Charlie trimmed all of the weeds around the outside of the pond.

The kids and I raked it all up and helped put it on a tarp hooked to the back of the UTV. Charlie then dragged it to the big pile of weeds and tree branches near the outbuilding. And now we can access the pond a lot better! Guess what the kids have been wanting to do every night!


Well, those are some of the highlights of our simple life in the country. We hope you can find moments of simplicity and joy in your week too! Have a great one!

~ Rachel

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