Chapter 12 | February Happenings

So much happens in a month.

Whenever I sit down to write these posts, I have to look at my calendar and remind myself of everything that happened.

The days tend to blur together and I find myself very forgetful. So the February Happenings are the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, we had a fun Valentine’s Day with yummy food and fun activities, I got a couple of new callings in our church, and Charlie picked a fun new to us, but old movie that we ended up really liking. So keep reading if you want the full update 🙂

Super Bowls

I honestly don’t care too much about football. I have a hard time sitting and watching an entire game because I think of the million other things I could be doing at that time. But Charlie really likes it. And Sadie has enjoyed snuggling with him on the couch and learning about the rules.

We have always been Kansas City Chiefs fans because Andy Reid is a member of our church and went to the same college that we did! So when we moved to Missouri, it was super fun to be surrounded by other people who also love the Chiefs. The school even did a whole Chiefs week where the kids dressed up in Chiefs gear every day.

We were actually pretty surprised that the Chiefs even made it to the Super Bowl because they hadn’t had a particularly amazing season. But when they did, we decided to make a fun time of it. We came up with the idea to do super “bowls” for dinner every night leading up to the game. We did veggie bowls, KFC bowls, taco bowls, pasta bowls, salad bowls, and breakfast bowls. I’ll get recipes up for all of them in the next little bit. But here are the pics!

The kids actually watched most of the game and we had a great time with the exciting ending in overtime. We all stayed up way too late for a school night, but it was worth it! Fun times and go Chiefs!

Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day was not my most favorite holiday growing up. My schools would usually do something where students could buy each other flowers and they would all be delivered at the end of school. I was not in the popular group and never got anything. I always felt sad and embarrassed at school.

BUT, one positive of the day was my mom always did a fun tradition of homemade chocolate rice krispie treats shaped like a Hershey’s Kiss! I loved getting them every year and decided to carry on the tradition with my own kids. They are so cute and a fun treat to give your family along with a kind note of why you love them. I decided that I was going to make Valentine’s Day special. And now that I am older, have a husband and three kids, I actually really do like Valentine’s Day!

I also made one of my mom’s cookie recipes and they turned out delicious! I still need to make a full post on them, but here is the link to my instagram where I put the full recipe in the comment. They were delicious!

Swig cookies! So yummy!

Church Callings

I got a couple of new callings in church. In our church, we do not have a paid clergy, but instead members volunteer their time to help in variety of different capacities, known as “callings.” These switch after a period of time and so members get the opportunity to help in many different areas of the church. I currently am serving with the young women of our ward, ages 11-18. It is a huge blessing to be able to teach, lead, and play with these amazing girls. I am especially lucky because my own daughter is a part of this group!

So I was previously an advisor for the younger girls class. A few weeks ago that changed. I am now the Secretary in the Young Women’s Presidency. And this is the funny one, Girl’s Camp Director! I have done this three times before at our previous home. So now I get to do it again, albeit the group is much smaller. I am excited to start working on a fun plan for camp!

A New, Old Movie

And lastly, every month we do a family movie night. Charlie got to pick this month and he chose a movie called “Miracle.” It is about the 1980 US Hockey team that unexpectedly won the gold medal over the Soviets. It was an interesting movie and gave us lots of things to talk about as a family. You can watch it on Disney+!

Not much progress with the house

In case you are interested, this month has been slow with the house. A ton happened over a two week period in January and then not much since then. You can check out my latest post about the framing here!

Anyway, there’s the February happenings for the Hunt family! Hope all is well with you! Have a great month!

~ Rachel

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