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The project continues.  Slowly. It is so hard to be patient when the kids are sleeping in the trailer, sawdust is constantly being tracked into the house, and it feels like the project is moving as slow as a snail. But some good things are happening!

Windows and Siding

Windows and siding are in.  And then the last bits of the framing.  It was weird to see them cut into the existing siding for new windows.  The windows are big and beautiful and give a lot of light into the rooms.  Each of the kids rooms have a 4×5 foot window that gives them a great view of the backyard.  

After the windows were put in, the metal siding had to be repaired.  And siding had to be installed on the area where we replaced a previous garage door.  But the crew was able to get it all done in about two days.  We were really nervous that we were going to get a big thunderstorm while the walls and insulation were exposed.  But we lucked out and the storm barely sprinkled.  

The house looks so different now!  We are especially liking the new location for the back door.  It used to be on the side of the house, but we moved it to the back end, going straight out to the outbuilding.  It is much more convenient.

HVAC and Plumbing

After the framing was finally completed, post windows and siding, the HVAC and plumbing people were able to come in.  That has been another slow process.  It has taken a couple of months for that piece to be completed.  We now have big tubes running along the ceiling boards.  There is an electric heat pump outside the house.  There are air returns and vents into all the rooms.  It looks like a bunch of snakes coiled together in the attic.  

Plumbing is installed for the bathrooms.  We were able to avoid cutting the concrete across the whole house for pipes.  They had to cut a small part near each bathroom, but it wasn’t too extensive.  The plumber recommended getting two smaller water heaters for each bathroom instead of trying to connect them together into one larger one.  It should work better and saved a lot of construction hassle.  Fortunately, there was already a water line running underneath the concrete to the area where we are putting the master bath.  And the location of the kids bathroom is where an old bathroom used to be so it already had the lines there as well.  So we lucked out for both of those.  

Now we are waiting for the electrical!  Hopefully that wait isn’t too long…   

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