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Building is slow

Not much happened with our barndominium renovation for several months.  Fortunately, we found a builder willing to tackle the big project, but he had several jobs ahead of us so all we could do was get on the list and wait.

We worked on our plans, did more research, cleaned out the shop area, moved a bunch of stuff to the outbuilding, and tried to be patient.

Intense Winter

Then, winter came with a fury and we experienced many bitterly cold days and crazy snow and ice storms.  While it was difficult to live through such unfamiliar weather patterns, it turned out to be a huge blessing to us because we got moved up on the builder’s list!  Since we are mostly an interior project, his crew was able to come work on our renovation while other outside jobs needed to wait for better weather.  We were so excited!

Framing Begins

The framers came and within about two weeks, have finished what they can for now.  I can hardly believe the framing came together that quickly.  It was so fun to hear them measuring, sawing, and nailing every morning and afternoon while I cleaned up the house and got my own work done.  It was even more fun to step out into the shop every evening and see the progress that had been made for the day.

Here’s the pics!  What a difference a couple of weeks can make!  

And now we are once again patiently waiting for the next steps.  Plumbing and HVAC 🙂

~ Rachel

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